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All applicants must first have an in-person tour at My Village before Registration Requests will be approved (unless your child is returning from the previous academic year.)

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Additional Questions

Payment Instructions

There is a $25 Application Fee per family. The system will add the amount to your account. Membership will not be approved until this fee is paid either through the website or the EMA portal for Step Up scholarships. 

Upon approval of the 'Membership Request,' if their class is full, you can get your child on a waiting list. This is the only way to get your child on a waiting list. If your child is on a StepUp scholarship, you may pay this fee through the EMA portal and we will credit your website account. Please email Tresa at [email protected] if you're using the EMA portal. Students will not be placed on a waiting list until the Application Fee is paid.

If there is space in your child's classroom/days of the week you want, there is a registration fee of $125 for the first child and $25 for each sibling. We will invoice your account (3% credit card fee applies) OR you can go onto the EMA portal if your child has a scholarship and approve the fees. The registration fee must be paid in order to hold a seat in a classroom.


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