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Individual Student Supply List

My Village purchases and distributes most supplies that students will need for a fee of $60 per student which includes a My Village T-shirt (in Navy Blue, see below). Supplies include watercolors, paint brushes, markers, crayons, pencils, erasers, Draw and Write Journals, glue sticks, bottled glue, and scissors. You will receive a separate invoice for the supply fee which will be due by July 1st or upon registration.

Students that are in Art-Studying the Masters and/or Art-Techniques classes for (Primary C, Tween or Teens only) need a Mixed Media Sketchbook, which is not included in the above supply fee.

Classroom Supply List

We request that parents send in various classroom supplies in August and Janaury for all classes based on which classroom your child attends (see chart below). If extra supplies are out of your budget, please do not feel obligated to send in classroom supplies. We also have an Amazon Wish List where the teachers can go in and add things they'd like specifically for their classrooms.

Teen Class

Boys: Paper Towels (minimum 2 rolls)

Girls: Box of tissues

Tween Class                  Boys and Girls: Paper Towels (minimum 2 rolls)
Primary C

Boys: White Card Stock

Girls: Watercolor paper

Primary B

Boys: Tri-fold paper towels, like these

Girls: Thin paper plates like this one

Primary A

Boys: Colored Card Stock (make sure it's the packs that are separated by color like this one)

Girls: Tempura paints (primary colors

My Village T-shirts

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